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One of the greatest things this year was Shawn being here for the holidays.. We didn't do anything elaberate but I hope he had a good time.

after Thanksgiving we had a family tree trimming... was great to have everyone together and Monica & kids here.

Jim put up lights around perimiter of house.. I let Shawn & Carolina take what ever they wanted for their house... it's thier first home and Shawn's first Christmas in 2 years :( so they took lights and wreath and a few other things

Concentrated on Aaralyn and only got gifts for her, but got stockings for everyone else with "practical" things... soda can caps so they don't spill, mouth was, deoderant, guys got car cups wth straws that don't fall out (from Liz's company)  girls got pretty nail files, lotions

Aaralyn made toilet paper roll candles for each household.. and learned to sing this little light of mine


JIM: his main gift was a pic of his mom and dad framed.. we cried in the bedroom together while others were in the livingroom... we miss you mom!  RIP  he also got a pocket knife and I think a shirt

Me: I got a hair dryer & Lap Harp from Dad & Bob.

It was our anniversary on the 17th so Jim got us both phones... they were nice but I wish I could have looked at them... my only problem is the numbers are so tiny I need glasses to make a call   and he likes his but it doesnt take a memory card and he likes to use his memeory card.. but he can use it in mine or in a camera



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As November came so did a few ups and downs.... but in the end.. was such a blessing!

1st Jim got sick... he was in so much pain late one evening... and ended up in a heap on the floor so I called an ambulance.... turns out he needed emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder!!!    He was in the hospital a couple of days.  It was sad and hard to see him so frail... and in so much pain.. I'd never seen him like that... He was off of work a few days resting and sleeping a lot and healing.  He was moving so very slow but after a few weeks he was complaining of going stir crazy and wanted to go back to work.

    He is now back at work on light duty. Feeding him is a hit and miss as I have no idea what will affect him.  We are slowly finding out little by little.  

... the first night he was in the hospital and I was gonna be here alone, Aaralyn (3yrs old) says "Grandma I want to stay wif you to keep you company"  So when it came time to go to bed she did not like the fact that her Pap Pap was not here.  I held her like her pap pap does and she went to sleep.... the next day she tells her mom and dad... "Pap Pap was not here but it was OK cause Grandma was looking at me with her eyes"   ha ha awww.. I think she was tring to say It was ok cause grandma wached over her. :)

 As Thanksgiving drew near Jim helped me as much as he could to get the house ready.  About 4 or 5 days before Thanksgiving I was washing a few dishes..and I cracked the top rib on my left side... there was not a lot of pain with it unless I reached with my arm far behind my back which only happened as I had to get in and out of my wheelchair...  but then a few days later I had just gotten out of my chair and had taken a few steps with my walker and tried to move an object that turned out to be heavier than I expected and I cracked the same rib, only this time in the front close to the breast bone... now the pain was a bit more to deal with.. not real real bad if I made slow motions getting in and out of the wheelchair and using the walker... Sleeping was not too bad either with minimal discomfort.... the other thing is I had a bad cold.. so coughing was another problem or if I got a hick-up.  Sometimes it was feeling better and a movement or cough would cause it to move and there I would go again with a little more pain....

     My nieces kids spent the night with me and helped do last minute details on the house.. mop, sweep, few accumulated dishes.. even Aaralyn was a help handing me things, helping rince dishes.. and the rest of the family that was coming said not to worry about the dinner.. they picked up the Turkey and cooked the whole meal so I could just rest.. and rest I did... 

      We gathered in a circle to pray before we ate.. Aaralyn doesnt remember us doing this and was so impressed and touched that when they left to go to her Daddy's side of the family she refused to let them drive off until they come back inside for all of us to pray again.. so we gathered in a circle and prayed for thier time with their other family and safety on the road... as I said "amen"  I looked up and she was in the circle standing so reverently with her eyes closed then she says a hearty "AMEN!" with all her heart and happily left.   I pray with her a lot and we pray together for people... so she understands prayer... and has even seen us all bow our heads at church.. but to see our family united, holding hands and praying all together just blessed her so... may that stay with her all her life!!!

We had a wonderful time... missed and thought of those who could not be with us... and just enjoyed each others company and wonder wonder yummy food.   HOPE YOU ALL HAD A BLESSED THANKSGIVING DAY TOO!


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OK.... this is my first book so please pray for me that I figure out these frist steps of getting the book "out there" I have to learn about book signing, advertising, using social media (facebook, twitter, blogspot, this website.. etc... etc.. etc..)  :/