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Posted by [email protected] on September 21, 2013 at 3:45 AM

Several years ago I had a dream.. I knew right away this was not an ordinary dream and I knew right away this dream was from God.   I shared it over and over with freinds and family and it always led to a discussion on what meaning this dream could have.. I gave my thoughts and interpratation and got many thoughts and interpretatations from others.. it seemed like the lessons never seem to stop and something new always emerged in the telling of this dream..  I was asked to be the guest speaker for a week at a youth camp and I broke the dream down and shared a little each day and was so amazed at the reaction of the kids.I knew in my heart I had to write it down and from the beginning I had a desire to write it into a book.  Even if not for the whole world, then at least for my family and freinds.

I was sharing with a sister at the end of a women's meeting and she said to me.. "You know sister, when God gives you an idea or a desire to do something, it is because He trust you to do it."  Wow.. God trusts me... !  So I set off on a mission to get this book written but try as I may, nothing was happenining... every draft I created just had no life to it.

Then one day I thought, I am going to write it down just the way I tell it to people.  I'll write it as if I am writing to a freind and sharing this amazing dream... and it worked!!!  In no time at all I had written all the chapters and my book was done.

I had no idea what came next, again I was not thinking of my book being sold in stores, I was just thinking of a few copies for a few freinds and family.  But I still needed to find out how to make it into an acutual book.  Making copies and having them stapled was just not gonn work, so I searched the internet... I needed to know what I needed to do and how much was it going to cost me!!!

I did a random search on how to publish a book, or step to publishing a book or something like that.  There was a lot of info out there, but I chose a  few publishing companies to contact. Then I looked into Tate Publishing Company.  It said that they were a family based Christian company and they were looking for new Christian writers.  They had a section that said they would take a look at your work and tell you what they thought.

So I sent in my transcript and was perpared to wait for what I asumed would be advice to tell me if and how I should go about getting my book published.  about 4 days later I got a call from a young lady named Ramie!   She told me they loved my story and wanted to offer me a contract!   I had no idea what that meant and Ramie proceeded to tell me what they wanted to do and how far they were willing to go because they truely did think this would make a great book.

Even tho they would be putting a lot of money into my book there was one thing that I would have to do that was stated in the contract and that was to get a publicist.. the cost was so far beyond what I could handle.. but they were still willing to cover that cost if I would just pay the retainer fee... which would be $4ooo.  Again it was much more than I could afford at the moment and told Ramie I jsut wasnt sure if I could do that... Her answer to me was.. "Well Just pray about it"   So I did

The next day an idea hit me.. if I could get 100 sponsors to invest $40 each into my book that would pay for the retainer fee.  So I made a grid of 100 slots at $40 each and asked friends and family.. I sent out emails and, txts and posted on facebook and twitter and began to tell everyone I could and began to get a response right away. I contacted Ramie and told her what I was doing.

My mom was not well and I made plans to go and be with her for about a month.. The day before I left I got a call from Ramie. She had told her boss what I was doing. She said that they were very impressed and said "That's the kind of people we want to work with!"  then she said Tate Publishing is going to cover 1/2 !!!   so now instead of 100 people I only needed 50 investors... and instead of $4000 I just needed $2000

I got enought investors to cover the cost, but as time went on many of the investors for one reason or another were not able to send in the money which meant I had to make it up on my own.  I sent in what I could and made plans to do a few yard sales and bake sales and sell some crafts to bring in the last $700., but it seemed that everytime I turned around there was another finacial hurddle we had to jump.  I lost my SSI income because my husband got a raise and I no longer qualified.. meaning I also no longer could get medicaid.. which meant I had to buy insurance and quickly learned that insurance could cost almost as much as your house payment... !

My book was at the end of the production procerss and as per my contract the balance had to be paid for it to continue.  So I prayed again, knowing that God would not bring it this far to let it stand stagnant here.  Then I remembered a book I read "The Help" and in that story the writer was able to get an advance,  I had no idea if things had changed with publising companies but it would not hurt to ask if I could get an advance just enouth to cover the balance.. I only had $100 to send in and that still left $600.. so I emailed Ramie

Her email back to me was that She and the company wanted to do all they could to help me so they would cover the last remaining $600 and bring the balance to $0   I read the email over and over again... tears flowing and joy overflowing in my heart. 

So here we are now.  ready to go into printing, ready to take the next step of this journey of book production and before too long within a month or two... or possibly sooner ANIMAL DREAM will be in stores!  Animal Dream is a story of an amazing journy with some amazing animal friends.... and at the same time , the production of this book has also been an amazing joury with some amazing family and freinds!!


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